Remove Negative review

Remove Negative reviews from top page/product page

You Have enough Good reviews, good search position but still, you are losing tons of organic sales for the current list of Customer Reviews that are showing on the top page of your items. When one or more bad reviews are showing on the top page then it makes a negative impression on your customers about the quality of your product so it can highly down your sales! You’ve fair enough GOOD reviews and if they show on the top list then there are no chances to lose any more sales.!!

Most of the customer judge a product by its review contain in first page. If a customer notice any bad reviews on first , the customer will lost his buying intention. As a result, your daily sales will decrease day by day. So it's very important to keep the first page free from negative review.

Don't take risk with "expert" who never do Amazon before. They don't know what is risk and what is not.

I manage them With 100% safe.

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